Timing Instructions

  1. Electronic Transponder Timing will be used to record your race times.
  2. You have been allocated a race number bib and it has an electronic timing tag on the back linked to you and the course you have entered.
  3. Before you start you must notify Timing Officials if any of your entry information needs changing eg you are changing courses. You can find your entry information by checking the online results page on Friday: https://tinyurl.com/21Y56ULTRA
  4. Do not use someone else’s number bib as this will produce false results for everyone.
  5. Attach the bib at WAIST HEIGHT (NOT chest!) to the OUTSIDE FRONT of whatever you will be wearing. Do not bend or fold the tag or tamper with it.
  6. Your time and number will be recorded when you pass timing points provided your race number bib is visible. Covering it with your hands as you operate a watch, a nutrition belt, clothing or anything else will prevent it recording, so your bib must be LOWER THAN all of these.
  7. Timing Points will be located just before select drink stations and will open and close at the same time as those drink stations.
  8. Race number bibs are disposable & do not need to be returned.
  9. Please notify Timing Officials at the finish line or by phoning Event Strategies on 0411 495 635 if you think your online results are not correct or if anything happened that will affect your results, eg:
    1. if you cut the course short,
    2. if you pulled out of your course before finishing,
    3. if you lost your race number bib during the race.
  10. Both gun and net times and positions will be shown in the results. Gun and net times will be the same for 28Km finishers. Gun time positions will determine podium place winners. Additionally, in the 56Km only 8:30am starters will be eligible for podium places.
  11. After finish line video has been uploaded, re-visit the online results page to get a link to your finish moment.
  12. All results will be “Provisional” until Wednesday 6pm on 29/9/21, so all finishers should check before this time that every detail of their results is correct, including SARRC membership if they are members. Queries must be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before this deadline, after which all results will be “Final”.