Race Day 56K


Please remember we are still operating under strict COVID requirements. Please maintain adequate social distancing while in all event area, especially when queuing at Bib Pickup and at the various food vendors on site. 

Start Waves

The 56K run is seperated into 4 start wave groups based on expected finish time to reduce the time volunteers are out on course marshaling and attending drink stations, as well as reducing the time roads (traffic management) are restricted inconveniencing local traffic. To this end, we request that participants cooperate by starting in the correct wave based on their estimated finish time.

If you expect to finish in…. Average Pace Your start time is:
9.5 – 11.5 hours 10 min/km - 12:20 min/km 6am
7.5 – 9.5 hours 8 min/km - 10 min/km 7am
Less than 7.5 hours 7 min/km - 8 min/km 8am
Less than 6.5 hours (‘Outright Race Group’) < 7 min/km 8.30am

Course Marshals, Traffic Management Teams and Drink Stations are scheduled to be present and operational based on these times. In past years we have had faster runners start in the 6am wave which has resulted in them arriving at drink stops and road crossings before these are operational and more importantly, arrive at the finish before the finish has been set up.  This impacts the safety of you, the runners and the future of the race if we have an emergency out on course before the safety personnel are ready to respond.

This year we are going to enforce these check point open times at the various drink stations. If any runner starts before their appropriate wave time and arrives at a drink station before it is open, they will be required to hold at that point until the open time before they can continue. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in immediate disqualification from the race. You have been warned. Based on the above average pace times, the CP open times are as follows:

Check Point Distance Open Time
DS1 McElligott’s Quarry 10Km 7.30am
DS2 Old Mt Barker Road 16Km 8.30am
DS3 Cleland 21Km 9.15am
DS4 Coach Road 28Km 10.20am
DS5 Norton Summit 35Km 11.10am
DS6 Rocky Hill Track - Top 43Km 11.45am
DS7 Montacute Road 48Km 12:10am
DS8 Summit Link Trail  52Km 12:30pm

Each start wave will be a mass start in that there will be no trickle type releases. There will be a timing mat at the top of the stairs and your nett time will be recorded when you cross the mats. The same applies for the 8:30am group with the exception that podium places will be on Gun Time only. Please allow for some social distancing when lining up as it is a tight squeeze at the bottom of the gate to get onto the path so take it slow. We don't want any injuries on the start line.

Bus Bookings

If you have not already booked a bus from Foxfield to the start line, and would like to now book a bus ticket to the start, please click HERE.Bus bookings will close at 1pm on the Saturday prior to race day.

Wave start time Be at Foxfield Oval Depart Foxfield Oval
6am 4:45am 5am
7am 5:45am 6am
8am 6:45am 7am
8:30am 6:45am 7am

Bag Drop

Should you want to change clothing/shoes or have additional food or special drinks along the way, we have bag drops available at DS3 - Cleland and DS5 - Norton Summit as well as to the finish at Foxfield Oval. Please use soft bags securely tied closed and labeled clearly with your bib number (see above) and destination. There will be clearly marked dropoff points at the start at Belair Station.

Emergency Equipment

Everyone is expected to carry basic emergency equipment with them on the run. These include (but not limited to) your cell phone (fully charged with emergency numbers loaded), a space blanket, compression bandage and a light waterproof breathable jacket in case of cool and wet weather. A hat, tissues, plasters and sunscreen is also advisable. We strongly recommend that you also download the Emergency Plus app onto your phone. This has emergency services numbers and your exact position (Lat&Long) should you require emergency attention on course.

NOTE: Space blankets will be available for purchase at Bib Pickup for $2 (Cash Only on race day).

Bib Pickup

You can collect your Bib on Saturday September 25th at Sportitude, 20 Manton St, Hindmarsh from 9.00am to 1.00pm. You can also collect your bib on race morning, please allow enough time for collection.  For the 56km entrants this will be at the Start line at Belair, and for the 28km entrants, this will be at the Start line on Coach Road.

There will be no Late Entries on Race Day.


There will be no parking at Belair Station off of Upper Sturt Rd. Please park along Sheoak Rd and cross the railway line using the pedestrian crossing.

Course Maps and Cut-off times

GPX Course map can be found HERE or on the Y56K website

The 28kms Yurrebilla cut off time is 5.30pm - 6 hours 30 minutes
The 56kms Yurrebilla cut off time is 5.30pm -11 hours 30 minutes.

For the safety and to show a duty of care for all entrants the Yurrebilla committee has a responsibility to implement this rule for cut off to prevent tired runners, running on difficult terrain in fading light at the end of the day.

We strongly recommend this time guide for runners to depart the following drink station, to prevent withdrawal from the event:
To depart Cleland (20km):           by 11.40 am
To depart Norton Summit (35km) by  2.00 pm

Your cut off time will be at Montacute road (48km) You MUST depart by 04.00pm!!!

It is important to work within these time guidelines to leave these drink stations, to be able to finish the event within cut off time.  Runners are not allowed to enter Blackhill after 4.00pm, Failing to adhere to these rules will lead to disqualification.

Drink Stops

There will be 8 drink stops on course. 3 suppling limited food options. Please check the Competitors Manual for more details.

Due to COVID, refilling of water bottles, bladders and cups will only be done by Drinks Table volunteers. Bottles and bladders are to be presented open to the volunteers who will fill them using jugs. Your choice of liquids at tables will be a either Water, INFINIT and/or Coke. If you don't want any of these in your water bottles, please have your own cup available as this is a cup free run and drink stations will not have cups supplied.